Computer Vision: Free from data collection.


Training AI models requires a lot of data, no matter if you develop deep learning in-house or outsource to an AI partner.
CVEDIA solves this by developing AI models and solutions using synthetic data.

  • Synthetic data (read all about it here) is similar to the process being used by Hollywood to create animation movies. Instead of using real-actors and objects it renders them from 3D models. This means images can be generated that would've been too dangerous or rare to collect otherwise.

  • Because the camera we use is virtual, we can simulate any angle, light condition, or type of object. This means the resulting models perform much better in production environments or edge cases.

  • It is cost-effective. No real actors have to be hired or cars driven for thousands of miles to collect data, making synthetic data models orders of magnitude cheaper than real data models.

  • Development time becomes predictable. With synthetic data you no longer have to rely on 3rd parties for data collection and annotation services. No more back and forth on invalid annotations or wrongly captured data.

Why train your own models when you can use ours?

CVEDIA is always developing new AI models, which means you can discover new applications and expand your AI capabilities risk free.

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Eliminate the pain of deploying AI on the edge

CVEDIA-RT takes care of the entire AI workflow, which means you can build and customize AI solutions even if you are not a data scientist or developer.

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Custom AI models within weeks
even if you have no training data

Your deep learning models will work on any camera angle or lighting condition, and won't suffer from model drift in production. And best of all, there's no hidden costs for data collection or annotations.

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Synthetic data lets us train custom AI models for you using advanced video rendering. Which means you won't need to collect or share data with us,


A team of AI experts to ensure perfection in your deployment, at your disposal at all times.


You will have access to our large library of deep learning models that's always expanding. You no longer have to pay for development and can get started right away.


CVEDIA-RT takes care of the entire workflow and support dozens of AI accelerators. You'll no longer need to worry about model conversion and optimizations.


Synthetic data models fast and affordable. You no longer have to collect training data, pay for expensive image annotations or deal with multiple vendors.


Our software is not vendor locked, this means that it has been specifically designed to run across all edge devices.

"Now typically we want cameras to last a year, even two years. You don’t want to have to go change the battery every two months, but in fact, that’s what we had to do. So the experiment we just did in South Africa, a typical rate of intruders (at a given trail) is maybe between one to ten transgressions a month. If we do the math, that should be the equivalent of 7 years of use in the field."

Eric Dinerstein | Director of Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions, Resolve NGO.

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CVEDIA is a vibrant, full-remote organization that has pioneered the use of synthetic data. Our mission is to make computer vision affordable, no matter how niche the application. All of our technology has been developed based on the hard learned lessons of getting our clients' solutions deployed. Whether it's on the edge, near-edge or cloud, we are yet to encounter a chipset we couldn't deploy on.