Case Studies.

Read our Case Studies to learn how we have used synthetic algorithms to tackle worldwide environmental issues and to service a new generation smart thermal cameras, among others.

Resolve NGO: AI for good.

We worked with Resolve NGO to put their data science capabilities into high gear: deploying over 20 smart camera applications in 6 months across Asia and Africa. By creating AI using only synthetic data, we were able to improve their operational efficiency by 2000%, increase product battery life by 42x, and develop object detection algorithms for animals that are rarely photographed in the wild.

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FLIR: the global sensor market.

Working alongside FLIR’s engineering team as partners, CVEDIA designed a thermal synthetic pipeline that was able to train neural networks for a variety of use cases without the collection of more training data. CVEDIA integrated synthetic technology into FLIR’s engineering pipeline, providing FLIR with market-leading autonomous capabilities.

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