Everything you need to run AI on Qualcomm.

AI is transforming everything. We are making AI ubiquitous by focusing on efficient hardware, algorithmic advancements, and software tools. We are keenly focused on power efficiency and personalization to make AI seamless across our everyday experiences. Using CVEDIA's synthetic data technology you can design custom AI solutions even if you have no training data or data scientists.

on Qualcomm.

CVEDIA-RT is a free, smart AI engine that enables you to run video analytics directly on your Qualcomm device to maximize its performance and reduce dependence on costly cloud services. This improves the quality of events going into your VMS or dashboard and simplifies the process from development to deployment.

Supported use-cases on Qualcomm.

Qualcomm chips are small and high powered SoC's which means they can be used in almost any application. We have designed our AI solutions to match that by supporting many industries:

Camera Surveillance

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Smart Cities

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Supported  Qualcomm products.

We currently run on Qualcomm SoC / SoMs with one or more of the following features:

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Snapdragon CPU

Adreno GPU

Hexagon DSP

If your target chipset isn't listed, don't worry, we're willing to add it. Contact us  for assistance.

AI models optimized for Snapdragon.

All of Qualcomm’s SoCs have one or more ways to accelerate AI inference. This means you can run video analytics with higher accuracy at higher frame rates or run multiple AI tasks at once. CVEDIA AI models are fully optimized using qualcomm’s SNPE, our runtime automatically determines what’s the best engine to use. Which means you can run our solutions out of the box on your chipset.

AI models optimized for RB5 Platform.

The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform is optimized for running all of our solutions, delivering cutting-edge connectivity, high-accuracy AI and ML inferencing technology for accelerated development of innovative, power-efficient and high compute solutions for the IoT market including smart cities, retail, robots, and drones. With the ability to run several cameras simultaneously using Hexagon AIP acceleration without incurring performance loss, RB5 enables the creation of highly sophisticated solutions.

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CVEDIA's synthetic algorithms are optimized to run locally on low power devices, and designed to integrate seamlessly with hardware devices.

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By employing proprietary synthetic data technology, CVEDIA AI is stronger, more resilient, and better at generalizing.


Our software is not vendor locked, this means that it has been specifically designed to run across all edge devices.

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