Introducing  CVEDIA-RT.

A unique software solution that makes designing and deploying computer vision AI easy and enjoyable. Our software simplifies the process by exposing only the necessary details, allowing developers to focus on building their solutions without worrying about system complexities. The best part? We are offering CVEDIA-RT for FREE for personal use. Try it out today and experience the simplicity and fun of working with AI.

Powerful features to help you.

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CVEDIA-RT provides advanced video analytics capabilities through its proprietary AI models for object detection and classification.


CVEDIA-RT has a desktop application called ‘RT Studio’ that allows users to build AI solutions and customize existing ones.


CVEDIA-RT comes with various AI models for face detection, vehicle and people detection, crowd estimation, and more.

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CVEDIA-RT supports a wide range of inference backends, including but not limited to TensorRT, ONNX, Cavalry, and more.

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CVEDIA-RT is modular and features a C++ SDK for developing plugins, enabling users to customize the platform to their needs.

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CVEDIA-RT supports a wide range of video inputs and processing, including undistorting fish-eye images, blurring, and more.

CVEDIA-RT is modular.

Packed with ready to use solutions, multiple inputs support, various deployment platforms, event data control, flexible export formats, and robust scripting capabilities, CVEDIA-RT is as modular as it gets.

Ready to use solutions

Explore our solutions such as crowd-estimation, perimeter-security, aerial-surveillance, smart-parking, smart-home.

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Performing on your data

Stream your camera or import your own data using video files, images, webcam, Screen Capture, RTSP or GStreamer.

Processing on various platforms

CVEDIA-RT supports many AI accelerators and platforms. This means your solution will run on any device and you won't have to worry about compatibility.

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Exporting the right events

Create, share and control your event data -  export in various formats and protocols such as JSON, MQTT, CSV, JPG, PNG, MP4, RTSP, and RTMP.

Debugging tools

CVEDIA-RT has a powerful scripting language (Lua) and plugin support (C++). This means that if you are bringing your own AI models and ideas, we won't get in your way.

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