CVEDIA is invested in the future of AI.

CVEDIA develops ML algorithms for data-limited apps using synthetic data, 3D design, and data science. Our synthetic algorithms outperform traditional ones and lead to safer, quicker market releases. Our technology is GDPR and CCPA compliant and we work with 30+ top companies on complex projects.

Geography does not limit our talent.

As a company that works with the most talented engineers from around the world, CVEDIA has access to a global pool of expertise and skills. This allows us to have a diverse and inclusive team that brings a wide range of perspectives and ideas, leading to more innovative and effective solutions for us and our clients.

The story behind how our company started.

CVEDIA, founded by Arjan Wijnveen and Rodrigo Orph, is an international team creating disruptive Computer Vision technology. They provide solutions for each step of the Computer Vision process, from hardware and algorithms to deployment and maintenance. The team has diverse backgrounds in R&D, computer vision, game development, 2D/3D design, AI research, and large-scale deployment, and are creating a new generation of AI. 

Our leadership team.

CVEDIA's leadership team is composed of experienced professionals in the field of technology, who are committed to driving the company's innovation and growth.

CVEDIA | Arjan Wijnveen
Co-Founder and CEO

Arjan Wijnveen

CVEDIA | Rodrigo Orph
Co-Founder and CTIO

Rodrigo Orph

CVEDIA | Maurizio Margiotta
Chief Technology Officer

Maurizio Margiotta

CVEDIA | Mijail Benitez
Chief Commercial Officer

Mijail Benitez

CVEDIA | Miguel Ferreira
Head of Data Science

Miguel Ferreira

CVEDIA | Natalia Simanovsky
Head of Partnerships

Natalia Simanovsky

Our values.

CVEDIA values passion for developing cutting-edge AI, commitment to meticulously built technology, autonomy and confidence in individual work, bringing joy to the workplace, honest communication, and using feedback to improve.


Passion for developing cutting edge AI and investments in both career and the role of AI in the future.


Commitment to meticulously built technology that is the product of hard work.


Autonomy and confidence in every individual to work at a fast pace as a team and solo.


Bringing joy and excitement into the workplace and focusing on meaningful work.


Honest communication and discussions with all team members, regardless of their field.


Encouraging feedback and using it as an opportunity to improve our work life every day.

What the press say about us?

CVEDIA is revolutionizing AI with advanced synthetic data solutions, expert team, superior algorithms, and strong data privacy standards.

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