Deployment options for CVEDIA's algorithms.

CVEDIA provides many deployment options for our computer vision algorithms, including hardware, cloud, and docker. Work with us to define your ideal outcomes, and our solutions team will provide a full package, ready for release or integration.


CVEDIA creates edge computer vision applications for Ambarella chipsets using only synthetic data – bringing you to market faster, cheaper, and without any more data collection.


CVEDIA creates edge algorithm solutions for NVIDIA embedded systems including the entire Jetson product line.


CVEDIA trains and deploys computer vision applications at the edge for Hailo AI processors using only synthetic data, delivering AI that is more accurate, cost-effective and with an accelerated time to market.


CVEDIA AI models are fully optimized using qualcomm’s SNPE, our runtime automatically determines what’s the best engine to use. Which means you can run our solutions out of the box on your chipset.

Other deployment options include.

Other deployment options include.

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