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CVEDIA-RT provides Video Analytics and Computer Vision solutions that can be tailored to your use-case. Access all of CVEDIA's AI solutions for a low cost, discover new use-cases and expand capabilities risk-free. Custom solutions available with free consultation calls.

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For a single low price you have access to all of our AI solutions now, and in the future. This means you can discover new use-cases and expand your AI capabilities risk free!

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CVEDIA | Custom solutions

Custom solutions within weeks

If you couldn't find what you are looking for, or you want to run on another device, no problem. We are happy to develop custom solutions based on your requirements. Reach out to us for a free call!

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Synthetic data

What sets us apart from everyone else is our use of synthetic data. Our analytics are more accurate, faster and affordable than traditional solutions.

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Off the shelf

Your team is busy and deadlines are near, we get it. If you like, we can take care of everything, from development to integration of the analytics. All you have to do is build a product around it!

Long-term support

No one wants to work on last year's product, but what if your clients expect it? We offer long-term support on our analytics by providing continuous improvements.

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4. Serve your customers

Easily visualize and analyze data to improve your customer’s business.


Synthetic data lets us train custom AI models for you using advanced video rendering. Which means you won't need to collect or share data with us.


A dynamic team of AI specialists, always ready to unleash their expertise and bring unparalleled perfection to your deployment with live support.


You will have access to our large library of deep learning models that's always expanding. You no longer have to pay for development and can get started right away.


CVEDIA-RT takes care of the entire workflow and support dozens of AI accelerators. You'll no longer need to worry about model conversion and optimizations.


Synthetic data models fast and affordable. You no longer have to collect training data, pay for expensive image annotations or deal with multiple vendors.


Unleash the potential of your edge devices with our software, free from the constraints of vendor lock-ins. Our design guarantees compatibility across all edge devices.

What they say
about us.

CVEDIA's synthetic data tech boosts efficiency, product battery life, and object detection for Resolve NGO and FLIR. Read more on the impact on your business.

"CVEDIA has provided us with extremely accurate detection models that use very little energy for our cameras deployed through wild Asian and African forests, helping us become the perfect ally against the multi-billion industry of wildlife trafficking."

CVEDIA | Eric Dinerstein
Eric Dinerstein
Director of Biodiversity

“CVEDIA designed a thermal synthetic pipeline that was able to train neural networks for a variety of use cases without the collection of more training data. CVEDIA integrated synthetic technology into FLIR’s engineering pipeline, providing FLIR with market-leading autonomous capabilities.

CVEDIA | Pierre Boulanger
Pierre Boulanger
Chief Technology Officer
FLIR Systems

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