Keeping costs low is instrumental in the success of delivering your AI solutions. We're aligned. Our mission is to make computer vision affordable, no matter how niche the application.


Experience our off -the-shelf capabilities with a free and fully featured CVEDIA RT personal license. When you are ready for commercial deployment simply buy a single license or reach out to us for deployments at scale.

Personal license

  • Pre-production

  • Research and development

  • All solutions

Production license

  • Volume discounts

  • Flexible pricing

  • Full support

Government and Defense

  • Dedicated support

  • Domain specific models

  • Integrations


Your unique AI project, with impossible requirement, tracking an outrageous timeline on a limited budget is exactly where we shine. Reach out to us today to quickly understand how we can solve for x.

Data Science & Synthetic Data

  • Development of new datasets

  • Neural Network Training

  • Improvement of existing models

  • Active Learning Pipelines

Deployment & Integration

  • Deployment on custom semiconductor

  • Migration of CV Pipeline

  • Quantizing & Pruning

  • Metadata Integration