Deployment options for NVIDIA's systems.

CVEDIA's leading synthetic data technology enables you to go from concept to product in 4 weeks. Our AI solutions easily integrate into your existing hardware, providing resilient AI that is more accurate, cost-effective and with a shortened time to market.

Custom deployment-first technology.

At CVEDIA, we never train computer vision models without understanding first how and where the AI solution will be deployed. This information enables us to create highly optimized solutions for the platform’s specific operating requirements, such as power consumption, accuracy and performance targets, as well as implementing our solutions to run seamlessly alongside external applications.

Leveraging NVIDIA for resilient AI solutions.

CVEDIA provides edge algorithms for NVIDIA embedded systems, including the Jetson product line, tailored to the clients' needs for accuracy or performance optimization, utilizing device-specific computing and synthetic data to deliver results in 1-3 weeks, giving a competitive advantage in terms of faster data collection.

NVIDIA product line and resources.

CVEDIA currently deploys to the following NVIDIA embedded products: NVIDIA Jetson product line, NVIDIA Enterprise and Desktop GPUs. With over 24 off-the-shelf algorithms and endless customization capabilities, including unique classes, classification, and device-specific computing capabilities.

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CVEDIA has joined NVIDIA Metropolis to advance AI vision with custom tools for synthetic training data, deep learning analytics, algorithm optimization, and hardware fitting for edge AI apps.

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Startup’s AI Intersects with
U.S. Traffic Lights for Better Flow and Safety. CVEDIA taps NVIDIA TAO Toolkit to cut down model development time for
Cubic’s GRIDSMART Traffic Systems.

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Learn how CVEDIA addresses lack of training data for edge deployments with computer vision models and synthetic data generation, and deployment pipeline built using automated techniques.

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CVEDIA's synthetic algorithms are optimized to run locally on low power devices, and designed to integrate seamlessly.

Version 1.0 Launched - Dataplus X Webflow Template


By employing proprietary synthetic data technology, CVEDIA AI is stronger, more resilient, and better at generalizing.


Our software is not vendor locked, this means that it has been specifically designed to run across all edge devices.

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