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CVEDIA is a leading Artificial Intelligence company solving real-world problems across industries, offering the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology and advance computer vision. With perks such as company retreats, generous vacation time, stock options, fully remote work, flexible working hours, and competitive salary, CVEDIA prioritizes employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

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What's CVEDIA's culture like?

CVEDIA's culture is focused on solving real-world problems in Artificial Intelligence across several industries, with a strong emphasis on advancing computer vision and synthetic data technology. The team is fully remote, with a diverse group of individuals located in over 15 countries. The company values creative, curious, and open perspectives and prioritizes individual contributions in a completely flat company structure. The team also focuses on developing new skills and maintaining a positive and joyful work environment.

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We save 1% of our incomes for the party fund! Our team goes on an all-expenses-paid trip twice a year simply to socialize.


We offer 20 days of paid vacation per year, plus local holidays, paid sick days and personal days off, so you can take off when needed.


All CVEDIA employees receive company stock options, so if the company does well we all do well, sharing is caring!


Our team is global and located in 15+ countries across North America and the EU. Work from wherever you have a good internet connection!


We focus on making your personal life a priority and we will work together to define what works best for you and your family.


We don't use remote work as an excuse to pay you less. Our salaries are competitive and based on experience!

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What our team says.

Working at CVEDIA offers a dynamic and challenging experience in the field of AI and computer vision, with a diverse and international team, focus on personal and professional growth, and competitive salaries and benefits.

“Working at CVEDIA provides the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in the field of AI and computer vision simulation. The dynamic and diverse team and the focus on personal and professional growth make for a rewarding and fulfilling work experience.”

Synthetic Data Engineer

“Working at CVEDIA offers a great work-life balance with flexible work hours and remote work options. In addition, employees enjoy paid vacation time and company stock options as perks.”

Head of Data Science

“At CVEDIA, we have the privilege of being on the forefront of AI and computer vision technology. The dynamic, diverse team and emphasis on personal and professional development create a fulfilling and enriching work atmosphere.”

Account Executive

“At CVEDIA, work involves creating innovative computer vision products and tackling complex problems, fostering continuous learning and pushing boundaries in the field. Team collaboration and technical/creative expertise is key.”

Software Engineer

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