CVEDIA is solving real world problems in Artificial Intelligence across several industries. We’re advancing Computer Vision by pushing the envelope of synthetic data technology. An Artificial Intelligence company that develops deep learning solutions for some of the largest organizations on the planet.

Our computer vision simulation platform SynCity is the first of its kind, using game development tools and machine learning theory, we’ve created a simulated universe that can create AI models for autonomous cars, boats, and drones, as well as for robotics, industrial AI, smart cities, agriculture, and other applications. We create AI using a mixture of data science, machine learning, and imaging experience.

What's CVEDIA's culture like?

The CVEDIA team is fully remote, located in over 15 countries across the EU and North America. We’re a diverse team from all different walks of life, and value creative, curious, and open perspectives. We take all of our meetings with video cameras on – it’s easier to build rapport that way, and value individual contribution with a relatively flat company structure. Most of our teams operate using Scrum methodology.

You can expect to be highly valued for your contributions regardless of your role, and to develop many new skills as the company quickly evolves. We try to find joy and humor in our daily interactions, and our operations team works transparently to improve our happiness level constantly.

At our company retreats, you can catch us eating tapas, going for expeditions on the city streets, or, most likely, just sharing a good drink.

CVEDIA | What's CVEDIA's culture like?

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Our team goes on an all-expenses-paid trip every year simply to socialize. We're planning for Italy next year!


CVEDIA offers 4 weeks of paid vacation time per year, plus local holidays and paid sick days.


All CVEDIA employees receive company stock options, so if the company does well, we all do well.


Our team is global and located in 15+ countries across North America and the EU. Work from wherever you have a good internet connection!


We focus on making your personal life as much of a priority as work is. We are focused on making the two compatible. Work with us to define your needs.


We don't use remote work as an excuse to pay you less. Our salaries are competitive and based on experience!

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