Smart Parking

Parking is not only essential to our daily lives, but it's also a business opportunity. Smart parking systems are being used in public and private sectors—parking lots, garages, parking meters, and streets are just some of the places you'll find smart parking tools. These solutions help cities improve their parking management efficiency, making life easier for drivers and road users.

How would it be simple, if with one camera you could determine how many parking spots are taken, and how many free parking spots there are? It's quite easy to approach the problem.

What is Smart Parking?

A smart parking solution is a system that detects the cars in a parking lot and monitors their occupancy. This can help to reduce traffic and pollution, as well as save money for the business owners who have invested in this technology. A smart parking solution will identify the number of cars parked, the duration they are parked, their location, and other information that can be used to calculate how many spaces are available at any given time.

Smart parking systems can also help to reduce congestion by ensuring that drivers are not circling around looking for a space. With smart parking solutions, drivers can be guided to available spaces using apps or mobile devices, while they are on their way to their destination.

Use Cases

  • Parking lot management

  • Parking garages management

  • Residential parking management

  • Commercial parking management

  • Parking enforcement management

Key Features of Smart Parking

  • Parking spot occupancy detection:

Detect cars and minivans that take spots, free parking spots, and occupied parking spots.

  • Spot availability notification:

Get notifications when a preferred spot becomes available or when someone else takes your spot while you're out of town.

  • Vehicle detection:

Get notifications when a vehicle enters your property without permission (e.g., delivery trucks).

  • Multi-Vehicle Counting:

The system detects all minivans that take up 2 or more parking spots.

Benefits of using a Smart Parking solution

  • Saves time looking for a parking spot

  • Reduces the stress of finding a parking spot in a busy area

  • Helps to avoid tickets and fines by knowing where to park

  • Makes it easier to find parking spots in large areas

  • Other benefits of using a smart parking solution:

  • Helps to keep track of where you parked

  • Can provide information on available parking spots in real-time

Potential Industries for the Smart Parking solution

  • Retail industry

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Airports

  • Schools

  • Municipal parking lots

  • Stadiums

  • Event venues