People Loitering

People loitering, is a problem that needs to be addressed. People loitering in front of your business, for instance, may deter others from spending time with you and ultimately cause revenue loss. People loitering near highways where your customers are passing by may affect their experience too. This will inevitably lead to declining sales and profits.

We have the solution to upping both the safety and security of your property with respect to never having to be concerned with someone loitering on your premises. Never again will you have to worry with regards to theft or vandalism. Never again will you have to have that pesky. If you own a business and want to protect your business and property, and keep customers safe while deterring loitering, vandalism, and other public safety concerns - The people Loitering Solution could be the right choice for your specific needs.

What is People Loitering?

People loitering solutions are highly advanced surveillance systems that use multiple cameras placed throughout the area being monitored. Each camera is connected to an individual computer that processes images captured by the cameras. The computers use sophisticated algorithms to analyze video feeds from each camera in order to identify potential threats or suspicious activity.

Once potential threats have been identified, security personnel can be deployed to investigate further or take action if necessary. Security personnel may also receive alerts about potential issues through their phones or computers so that they can respond quickly if necessary.

The purpose of this device is to make sure that your property is safe from trespassers and criminals. It’s especially useful if you own a store, office building, or warehouse where there are lots of valuable items that could be stolen.

Use Cases

  • Retail stores, parking lots, train stations, parks, and other public places where there are large crowds of people.

  • Schools, universities, and other educational institutions where there are large numbers of students who loiter around campus during breaks or after school hours.

  • Hospitals where patients or visitors might spend too much time in common areas such as waiting rooms or hallways.

  • Private properties (Shops & restaurants)

  • Public places (Police departments, shopping malls, etc.)

Key Features of People Loitering

  • Live video streaming:

This feature allows you to see what's happening in real-time, so you can take action immediately if necessary.

  • Recording capabilities:

This is important for two reasons: first, so you can review the footage later if there's an incident; and second, so you can provide evidence to law enforcement if needed.

  • Alerts:

Many solutions offer the ability to set up alerts, so you'll be notified immediately if there's suspicious activity on your property.

  • Analytics:

This feature can help you track patterns over time, so you can see if there are any areas of concern that need to be addressed.

  • Scalability:

A people loitering solution should be able to grow with your business, so it's important to choose one that offers the ability to add additional cameras or other devices as needed.

Benefits of using a People Loitering solution

  • Keep your property and people safe from loiterers

  • Get real-time alerts of people loitering on your property

  • Reduce liability with video evidence of trespassers

  • Quickly and easily identify repeat offenders

  • Peace of mind knowing that your property is being monitored

Potential Industries for the People Loitering solution

  • Retail stores

  • Banks and financial institutions

  • Office buildings

  • Hospital campuses

  • Universities and colleges

  • Parking garages

  • Residential communities

  • Shopping malls

  • Cruise ships