On-street & Curbside Parking.

The On-street & Curbside Parking solution uses advanced sensors and video cameras with AI technology to manage and optimize urban parking. It detects illegal parking and potential hazards, provides real-time data to city planners, and directs drivers to available spots. The solution increases efficiency, reduces manual monitoring, and improves parking patterns insights.

What is On-street & Curbside Parking?

The On-street & Curbside Parking solution is a smart parking management system that uses technology like sensors and cameras with Artificial Intelligence to help monitor and optimize parking in cities. It can detect when a car is parked illegally, direct drivers to available spots in real-time, and provide useful data to city planners. The solution aims to make parking easier, safer, and more efficient for everyone.

Use cases.

Parking enforcement:
The solution can be used to monitor curbside parking and issue tickets in real-time to prevent double parking and vehicles from blocking the flow of traffic.

Parking optimization:
The system can help optimize parking availability by monitoring usage and providing data to city planners for demand-based pricing or other adjustments.

Safety improvement:
The solution can be used to monitor curbside parking for potential hazards, such as loose debris, and alert authorities in real-time.

Theft prevention:
The system can monitor curbside parking for suspicious activity, such as loitering or broken windows, and alert authorities in real-time to prevent theft.

Customer service:
The solution can monitor curbside parking for available spaces and direct drivers to open spots in real-time, providing improved customer service.

Key features.

Automatic detection of parked vehicles:
The solution can automatically detect when a vehicle is parked and provide real-time updates to parking availability.

Classification of vehicles by type:
The system can distinguish between different types of vehicles to provide tailored parking options.

Estimation of parking duration:
The solution can estimate the duration of parking to help drivers plan their stay and avoid overpayment.

Prediction of parking availability:
The system can predict parking availability based on usage patterns and other factors to help drivers find available spaces.

Recommendations for optimal parking locations:
The solution can recommend optimal parking locations based on driver preferences and parking availability.


Increased parking enforcement efficiency:
The solution can help automate the process of parking enforcement, reducing the need for manual monitoring and increasing efficiency.

More accurate parking violation detection:
The system can detect parking violations with greater accuracy, reducing the potential for false positives.

Reduced need for manual monitoring:
The solution can automate many of the tasks associated with parking management, reducing the need for manual monitoring and freeing up resources.

Faster processing of parking data:
The solution can process parking data in real-time, providing more up-to-date and accurate information.

Greater insights into parking patterns:
The system can provide valuable insights into parking patterns and usage, helping city planners optimize parking infrastructure.

Potential industries.

The solution can be used by city governments to manage parking in urban areas.

Retail stores:
The system can help retailers manage parking for their customers, making it easier to shop.

Office buildings:
The solution can help manage parking for employees and visitors to office buildings.

Hotels and resorts:
The system can help manage parking for guests and visitors, providing a better experience.

Transportation hubs:
The solution can be used at airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs to manage parking for travelers.

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