Everything you need to run AI on Ambarella

We make integrating Ambarella chipsets with AI functionality into your products easy. You will no longer have to worry about Ambarella software development and AI model integration, as we provide technology for the entire process. Giving you the freedom to focus on creating your perfect user experience.

Using CVEDIA's synthetic data technology you can design custom AI solutions even if you have no training data or data scientists.

CVEDIA-RT on Ambarella

If you want to get the most out of your Ambarella chips, you need to run video analytics on the edge. By running AI on the SoC you improve the quality of the events going into your VMS or dashboard and won't be dependent on costly Cloud services.

CVEDIA-RT is a smart AI engine that lets you run analytics directly on your Ambarella SoC. It was designed to simplify the process of going from development to deployment.

The best part? We've made it completely free.

Supported use-cases on Ambarella

Ambarella chips are small and high powered SoC's which means they can be used in almost any application. We have designed our AI solutions to match that by supporting many industries:

  • Smart homes

  • Security & Surveillance

  • Maritime

  • Robotics

  • ADAS

Supported Ambarella products

We currently run on the following Ambarella models:

  • S3LM, S3L, S5L,

  • CV22, CV25

Because Ambarella is always developing new products we might not have listed your target chipset here. If that's the case, don't worry. We're happy to add additional chipsets. Just contact us!

AI models optimized for CVFlow

All of Ambarella's CV2X chips are equipped with a CVFlow unit, a powerful processor used to run AI and speed up image processing. This means you can run video analytics with higher accuracy at higher framerates.

CVEDIA AI models are fully optimized for the Cavalry format that's used to run on the CVFlow processor. Which means you can run our solutions out of the box on your chipset.

AI models optimized for ARM CPU

The Ambarella S line of chips feature a wide range of CPU's that are capable of running video analytics using AI:

  • Cortex A9, Cortex A53, and Cortex A76

CVEDIA AI solutions are optimized to run even on low-powered devices. Which means that through the use of smart analytics and ARM optimizations you are able to make the most use of your CPU.

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