Animal and wildlife detection   using CVEDIA-RT.

Deep learning powered by synthetic data

What is animal detection
using deep learning.

Animal detection involves finding wildlife or pets in photos or videos. Traditional computer vision techniques, such as motion detection, caused false alarms and drained camera batteries, but deep learning has improved accuracy and added the ability to classify animal species. This is crucial for monitoring specific animals in the wild and alerting people to pests or predators.

The value of detecting people.

False alarms in security and surveillance systems caused by animals are a common issue, especially when relying solely on motion detection. Our animal detector solves this problem by detecting wildlife using deep learning or filtering existing alarms using an animal classifier, reducing false alarms to a minimum and avoiding alarm fatigue for operators.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

ADAS systems scan the road ahead to detect animals and alert drivers, improving safety. Pairing the system with our thermal animal detector enhances detection, especially during early morning or late-night. Our animal detectors work on RGB, near-infrared, and thermal cameras for detection in any light condition.

Classifying animal species.

Animal detectors identify the presence and location of animals in videos and use another AI model to classify the detection into specific species or types. This enables tracking, recording, and census of specific animals while saving battery life and reducing data transfers. Our AI models, trained using synthetic data, can classify any animal, even with limited real-world training data, making it suitable for rare animals.

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Smart homes and invasive animals

The size of AI models aligns with the chipset and accuracy vs performance needs of the application. Small models are efficient for low-power devices, while larger models offer higher accuracy and are optimized for powerful GPU's. Our options enable you to choose the best model for your needs.

Object size.

Finding smaller individuals becomes increasingly challenging for a people detector, but it also enables the use of lower resolution cameras or cheaper lenses, making it a balancing act. CVEDIA-RT, our free software, helps you find the optimal strategy for your application by allowing you to experiment with different settings and models.

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