Computer Vision Model Zoo for Ambarella Chipsets

CVEDIA creates edge computer vision applications for Ambarella chipsets using only synthetic data – bringing you to market faster, cheaper, and without any more data collection.

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Custom Ambarella Software

CVEDIA creates edge algorithm solutions for Ambarella chipsets including Cortex A9, Cortex A53, and Cortex A76, with a model zoo containing 24+ off-the-shelf algorithms.

Depending on your requirements, our solutions team can target your model to work better for accuracy or performance, and then optimize it to function at full capacity using device-specific computing capabilities. This provides our clients with a head start on their competition, especially considering the lag time involved in data collection.

By skillfully utilizing synthetic data, we can provide edge algorithms for Ambarella in 2-4 weeks, rather than months to years.

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Free Sample Algorithm

CVEDIA is now providing a free sample human detection algorithm, deployable on Ambarella chipsets and legacy ARM-based chips. Test out CVEDIA technology for yourself free of charge for all non-production use, including testing and development.

Ambarella Product Lines and Resources

CVEDIA currently deploys to the following Ambarella chipsets:

  • Cortex A9
  • Cortex A53
  • Cortex A76
  • CVflow

With over 24 off-the-shelf algorithms and endless customization capabilities, including unique classes, classification, and device-specific computing capabilities.

CVflow Case Study

CV5 Press Release

Ambarella Full Product Line

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CVEDIA synthetic algorithms are optimized to run locally on Ambarella chipsets, and designed to integrate seamlessly with hardware devices.


Our algorithms can be customized to include unique classification parameters and extra detection classes in a matter of weeks, with no data collection required.


By employing proprietary synthetic data technology, CVEDIA AI is stronger, more resilient, and better at generalizing. Read the whitepaper here.

New Ambarella Algorithms

FREE: TALOS Human Detector

CVEDIA is providing the TALOS Human Detector free of charge to test and develop with. Test out our technology for yourself with this algorithm built to support 11+ deployment types!

ARTEMIS Wildlife Animal Detector

Use Artemis in any environment to detect a variety of common wildlife for safety, forestry, conservation, and ADAS purposes.

HERMES Vehicle Detector

Detect various cars and trucks from both a car-mounted and elevated perspective