CVEDIA creates end-to-end synthetic computer vision solutions that encompass software, hardware, and architecture integration support. Deploy your system with CVEDIA’s synthetic data technology for better object recognition, improved safety and efficiency, and new product opportunities.

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CVEDIA synthetic algorithms are optimized to run locally on low power devices, and designed to integrate seamlessly with hardware devices.


Our algorithms can be customized to include unique classification parameters and extra detection classes in a matter of weeks, with no data collection required.


By employing proprietary synthetic data technology, CVEDIA AI is stronger, more resilient, and better at generalizing. Read the whitepaper here.

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CVEDIA creates machine learning algorithms for computer vision applications where traditional data collection isn’t possible. Used by over 30 Global 500 companies, our proprietary synthetic deep learning technology provides a backdrop for algorithm design and testing, all while being rigorously validated by data scientists. CVEDIA technology is also void of personal data, making it fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. We take pride in what we do, and each algorithm comes fully supported for bug fixes and ongoing model maintenance.

New Algorithms

ACESO Social Distancing Mapping

Analyze the effectiveness of social distancing on the edge using this CVEDIA heat mapping tool. ACESO output retains individual privacy.

TALOS Crowd-Ready Human Detector

Detect people from various angles using this crowd-resistant human detector model.

ARTEMIS Smoke and Forest Fire Detector

Quickly detect, analyze, and alert firefighters of smoke and wildfires with this forestry safety algorithm. ARTEMIS functions from a variety of camera angles and ranges.