Because CVEDIA’s synthetic data is optimized for deep learning, we have an intimate understanding of how to get the best out of common network architectures. Our in-house data science team can produce trained models and system prototypes at a fraction of the time and cost of an internal algorithm training project.

Rapid prototyping from the experts

The CVEDIA team will employ our extensive experience in synthetic data to rapidly prototype training algorithms, which your team can then use to seek investor funds or immediately use to move forward with your project. Algorithm prototyping extracts the best worth from limited data and staffing resources.

  • Quick turnaround Most CVEDIA prototyping projects are complete in 6-8 weeks
  • Delay team planning It's difficult to tell the scope of team hires at the beginning of a deep learning project. CVEDIA prototyping provides an efficient base for analyzing future requirements
  • Ongoing support The CVEDIA team acts as a solution partner moving forward, with technical and roadblock support available

AI industry standard

Talk to a Team Member

CVEDIA applies current and up-to-date machine learning research to each project. Our team consistently refines training processes in tune to current research, creating dynamic and effective prototypes. CVEDIA team members include accomplished data science, computer vision, and image processing industry experts, and are dedicated to acting as an ongoing partners to algorithm training clients.

  • Minimize timelines Applying advanced dataset training algorithms and current research, CVEDIA will reduce the time it takes you to begin your machine learning project
  • Reduced requirements Data collection, storage, and analysis requirements are dramatically reduced with synthetic data
  • Create an effective starting point Partnering with CVEDIA ensures that your system will be built from the ground up by an expert team with dynamic experience in synthetic data
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