Used to develop autonomous applications, ADAS, and smart sensors, CVEDIA’s SynCity is a powerful simulation platform used to generate data for neural network training and validation. Use SynCity as a custom pocket laboratory to generate highly entropic scenes, conditions, and metadata. Enable real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop (HWIL), Human-In-the-Loop (HITL) or Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) simulations even with complex sensor configurations.

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CVEDIA creates fully entropic, Level 3 environments


Retrieve metadata and annotation

SynCity retrieves extensive ground truth in real time from its simulations.

Syncity annotation types:
  • Velocity (3D)
  • Points of interest (IAO/POI)
  • Angular Velocity (3D)
  • 2D bounding boxes
  • World position
  • 3D bounding boxes
  • GPS position
  • Object state
  • Optical flow
  • Object metadata
  • Pixel segmentation
  • Object arbitrary metadata
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Point clouds
  • Polygon annotation

Empirical sensor modelling and sensor fusion

SynCity is the only simulation platform engineered at the protocol communication level. Design simulations with a number of sensor options including LiDAR, radar, infrared, thermal, ultrasonic, RGB, RGB-D cameras, and IMU / GPS devices to synthesize photo-realistic environments. Employ and couple multiple sensors in your training set in real time, and even adjust sensor placement conditions.

  • BLEND FIELD AND SIMULATED DATA Use existing field data as a push off point for simulated dataset creation.
  • GENERATE SENSOR NOISE PROFILES Capture accurate image representations based on sensor models and conditions.
  • SIMULATE REALISTIC SENSOR CONDITIONS Add photo realistic water drops, dust, sand, snow and fog to sensor lenses to simulate the elements.

Fully configurable parameters

SynCity provides a custom environment to control user defined perimeters. Build computer vision scenarios with thousands of 3D objects, simulate events including near misses and crashes, and test sensor performance in various lighting, weather, and sensor conditions. Control the behavior of your assets and environments with Python and C++ APIs and a GUI system.

  • ACCOUNT FOR EDGE CASE CONDITIONS Test AI system performance in extreme temperatures, darkness, or with glare or water on the lens.
  • TEST DANGEROUS OR COST PROHIBITIVE EVENTS Use SynCity to ensure your machine learning system is both safe and within budget.
  • MODIFY SPAWNING BEHAVIOUR Adjust object placement and behaviour.

APIs, third party integration, and training services

SynCity projects are created to be custom and customizable for each client. SynCity integrates with common third party applications and data management tools. Use C++ or Python API to develop a custom workflow for your team, or work with CVEDIA’s in-house team to train and validate your system.

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