Computer Vision Model Zoo for Hailo AI processors

CVEDIA trains and deploys computer vision applications at the edge for HAILO AI processors using only synthetic data, delivering AI that is more accurate, cost-effective and with an accelerated time to market.

Delivering unprecedented performance

CVEDIA creates off–the-shelf and customized edge algorithm solutions that specifically target HAILO’s- 8 compute capabilities. Featuring up to 26 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS), Hailo’s-8 AI edge processor is built with an innovative architecture that enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications that could previously only run on the cloud.

Hailo-8's advanced structure translates into higher performance, lower power, and minimal latency, enabling enhanced privacy and better reliability for smart devices operating at the edge.

Innovative deployment techniques

Depending on your requirements, our solutions team can target your model to work better for accuracy or performance, and then optimize it to function at full capacity using device-specific computing capabilities. This provides our clients with a head start on their competition, especially considering the lag time involved in data collection.

By skillfully utilizing synthetic data, we can provide edge algorithms for Hailo’s AI H8 processor in as little as 1-3 weeks.

Hailo product line and resources

CVEDIA currently deploys on HAILO’s embedded products: H8 AI processor.

With over 24 off-the-shelf algorithms and endless customization capabilities, including unique classes, classification, and device-specific computing capabilities.

CVEDIA's synthetic data technology, combined with the Hailo-8™ AI processor, offers high-performance, scalable, thermal edge AI solutions.

Hailo offers a breakthrough microprocessor uniquely designed to accelerate embedded AI applications on edge devices. Breathe life into your edge AI product today with Hailo-8.

The Hailo-8 edge AI processor, featuring up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforms all other edge processors. Its area and power efficiency are far superior to other leading solutions by a considerable order of magnitude – at a size smaller than a penny even including the required memory.


CVEDIA's synthetic algorithms are optimized to run locally on low power devices, and designed to integrate seamlessly with hardware devices.


By employing proprietary synthetic data technology, CVEDIA AI is stronger, more resilient, and better at generalizing.


Our software is not vendor locked, this means that it has been specifically designed to run across all edge devices.