CVEDIA-RT takes you from design to deployment

Many of us have felt the pain of trying to deploy AI in production, away from R&D labs and super-computers. Where hardware, sensors, AI accelerators and the environment all have to play nice. It becomes an endless balancing game of costs, resources and requirements. It's a problem so common that:

"Only 13% of all data science projects make it to production".

Having faced these same challenges with our clients over the years, we developed CVEDIA-RT, a unique software that helps solve the problems associated with designing and deploying AI. It does this by hiding the complexity of running AI on the Edge or Cloud by exposing only what you need. This means developers can focus on building out their solutions without worrying about system details. You could say it almost makes the process fun again!

The best part is that we have released CVEDIA-RT as a free software for personal use.

Or keep reading to learn what CVEDIA-RT is all about.

Design your solution ↓

Using our AI solutions

No one likes doing double work. Save time & effort by taking one of our existing solutions and customize it to your needs.

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Creating something new

CVEDIA-RT has a powerful scripting language (Lua) and plugin support (C++). This means that if you are bringing your own AI models and ideas, we won't get in your way.

See your AI in action↓

On your device of choice

CVEDIA-RT supports many AI accelerators and platforms. This means your solution will run on any device and you won't have to worry about compatibility.

Performing on your sensor

We support a wide range of cameras, sensors and video formats, making it easy to see results directly on your data.

Improve the experience by...

Optimizing your solution

When running on the Edge every millisecond matters. This is why CVEDIA-RT is modular and comes with advanced profiling tools. Run only what you need, when you need it.


Explaining your AI

Knowing why things are happening is important. It helps you design better solutions that outperform the competition. CVEDIA-RT helps by providing in-depth visualizations in real-time.

Deploy your solution and... ↓

Start delivering valuable insights

Out of the box, we have over 10 different ways of exporting data. This means integrating with your VMS is easy. And you can start delivering value right away.

If you are looking for inspiration or just want to see what it looks like, below are several showcases of solutions built on top of CVEDIA-RT.




To make development with CVEDIA-RT easier we have written extensive documentation. If you still find yourself stuck we also have a support forum to answer all your questions.

Looking for more information on some the CVEDIA-RT's features? We are happy to jump on a call and walk you through it. You can book a meeting directly on our contact page.