Develop your computer vision solution with CVEDIA’s entire library of algorithms on an easy to use SDK – a low cost platform for testing and demonstrations, provided at a low monthly cost.

Supporting you from concept to scale


Evaluate CVEDIA’s large collection of pre-existing models our SDK


Your requirements drive the customization of our algorithms


Together we design our solutions into your product, usually complete within 2-3 weeks


We ensure our models run on your chip or device, and perform in the field

Commercial Use
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Government Entities
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Upfront Costs
  • $1000 per month per install for unlimited use of the CVEDIA SDK platform for development, testing, and demonstrations.
  • No commitment required.

Information available upon request.

  • Deployment and product royalties decided on a case-by-case basis – only when you go to market with your product.
SDK Features
  • Access to 20+ CVEDIA models for development
  • Run models in real-time and watch live inference
  • Save your demos to play during client meetings and tradeshows
  • Dockerized deployment compatible with ARM, NVIDIA Jetson line, and X86 with NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Compatible with inputs from camera, image, video, url stream, RTSP
  • Compatible with outputs including image, video, url steam, RTSP, and metadata
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tracking system
  • Model packages
  • Automatic updates
  • Documentation
  • Fully featured command line interface
Support & Maintenance
  • Account management and individualized support
  • Unlimited updates to CVEDIA’s model library as they’re published
  • Model improvements on a case-by-case basis
  • Maintenance