TALOS Face Anonymizer

Model Overview

The CVEDA TALOS Face Anonymizer is a facial blurring algorithm designed to consistently remove identifying features. TALOS can be used in real-time, ensuring absolute compliance with GDPR regulation, or on video footage before public release. TALOS parameters are easily customizable according to project needs and local legislation.



Optimized for edge performance with a low power profile


Ground-to-ground perspectives


Dawn to dusk; Artificial lighting


Environmentally-agnostic performance


CVEDIA is a pioneer in the use of synthetic data for machine perception. We use deep learning to create synthetic-based detection and classification algorithms. CVEDIA models actually outperform traditional models because synthetic data allows for feature-based design. That means our models are safer and quicker to market. Today we work with over 30 of the world’s largest companies on their most complex deep learning projects.

Every model is backed by an ongoing maintenance service, as well as the ability to customize and add to a model through our in-house development team. We’ll even help you deploy our models in your software stack. Contact us for more information.

Operating Specifications




Visible light


Backbone: Resnet-101, Detector: RefineDet



CVEDIA Services


Each CVEDIA model comes backed with an ongoing maintenance agreement. Our team is available for continuous improvements and to ensure upkeep. Reach out to us for more information.

Fine Grain Classification

Speak to our team to discuss model classification as a service add on or as a separate model. CVEDIA’s in-house team will work with you to define your requirements, and build a synthetic-based model incorporating your classification specifications.

Additional Classes

CVEDIA models are built using proprietary synthetic data technology – meaning adding additional classes to your model is possible in a matter of weeks.

Use Cases

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your machine learning application complies with GDPR legislation in real-time. TALOS has a low power profile, making it simple to add to existing computing resources.

Child Privacy

TALOS employs CVEDIA synthetic technology to effectively anonymize children in live footage, making it possible to customize anonymization parameters in order to specifically blur faces resembling minors. Work with our team to define a custom product that matches privacy requirements.